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Quality and care for the surroundings

Star Trading keeps the highest quality equipment. Every lighting components, and they are tested in our warehouse. However, quality for us means not only the durability and functionality of the lighting product, but also documentation, labelling and convenient instructions.
We comply with laws and directives governing environmental issues and actively work on these issues in industry associations. We believe that our primary responsibility is to to develop lighting products with the highest possible energy efficiency.

The idea of decorative lighting dates back a long time.

For example, in Babylon and ancient Egypt public buildings and temples were decorated with light. Since then, lighting technologies have changed but the idea has survived. Today, LED decorative lighting LED lighting is in high demand in Riga and other Latvian cities. We offer the best solution for lighting your space from our electronic catalogues, which Star Trading continuously updated and updated with new products.


Decorative LED lighting is often used to organise bright celebrations - weddings, outdoor events, banquets, as well as to illuminate restaurants, cafes and bars. LEDs are capable of shining with all the colours of the rainbow, the brightness of which can be controlled. There is no interior design process It is not possible to identify the style or lighting of any particular lamp, as each product can be can be interpreted in different ways. It all depends on the specific style of the room or institution in which luminaires. However, there is an unwritten rule in the lighting of cafés, restaurants and bars: all luminaires must be installed in a sealed unit, in other words, the luminaires must have a plafond as also, if it is a spot light, it must illuminate the room with the lamp and its diffuser, regardless, whether you use it in your restaurant, in your home kitchen or in your living room. All these recommendations are designed to create a soft, diffused light that is comfortable for everyone. Correctly chosen lighting helps to realise limitless creative ideas, to achieve true light and colour extravagance, great visual effects that are suitable for both everyday living and holiday and party spaces. Our many years of experience in the field of lighting show that it does not have to requires "reinventing the wheel", as everything that has been used successfully in living spaces can also be used to organise celebrations, whether lighting in the house, garden or restaurant. Streets, homes and offices decorated with LED lights cubes, balls and trees will help create an unforgettable festive atmosphere and lift your mood.


Today, solar panels play an important role in residential homes. They are usually sidewalk lights designed for decorative and lighting functions. Solar garden lamps have different applications - they can be a lamp that is placed in the ground or as a decorative lantern or as a silhouette.

The current solution for illuminating pavements is a luminaire with built-in solar cells! During the day, these solar cells create an energy buildup in the light, which can work all night. Of course, there are some special features of use, as sunny weather is required, to store and conserve energy in such lamps.

But this time, let's talk about the benefits of solar. The main advantage of these lights is, is that you will save on electricity consumption by using such lights. An important plus that is of these lights is their versatility. Solar lanterns can be installed almost anywhere - their work depends on only on direct sunlight reaching the surface of the charging batteries. And most importantly, they have no wires!

Where are solar luminaires used?

It is of course advisable to use such bulbs for sidewalk lighting as they are charged from sunlight, so they are installed under the open sky. Often solar lights become ideal for landscape lighting. The modern world is striving for energy efficiency, and so the trend is to develop lighting products in this direction.

A wide range of models and shapes of solar lamps is currently available. Due to their volatility, such lamps are widely used in decorative sidewalk lighting.

What do need to pay attention to before buying solar lamps?

When choosing solar garden lights, we recommend that you look beyond their appearance. Not only should solar lamps be beautiful and attractive, they should also be safe to use.

Nowadays, a high-quality solar lamp is LED, with a robust and airtight housing. Note that in today's lighting world there is a strong focus on LED technology because it is energy efficient, safe and durable, so if you are thinking of buying a solar powered garden lamp, you will be the owner of a modern device with a long service life.


How to increase the decorative effect of garden sculptures at night? With light, of course. LED models are best suited for this purpose, and with interesting possibilities. Glowing figures such as snowmen, reindeer, Santa Clauses, New Year's church themes, light bulbs are made from LED strands on batteries. LED figures - extra light on weekdays and weekends. It is fortunate that a favourite holiday is not just a day on the calendar, but a special mood of joy and fun. The atmosphere of an unforgettable celebration evokes people's emotions, but it can always be complemented with an extra touch of wonder. We offer you LED figures as a great way to decorate your street, yard or apartment and create the desired mood.


Now you don't have to wait for morning to paint your life with bright and beautiful colours. Unusual houses and streets with LED decorations will create a festive mood even in the darkest hours of the day.

Beauty at every turn

Light has long had more than one function - to overcome the darkness. Lighting devices are used to make decorations, create designs and set the mood. With the introduction of LED technology, the possibilities for using light in design have become truly limitless.

We offer you to get through our Product Catalogues

On this page you can find our LED lighting product catalogues and technical product specifications - StarTrading®

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To monitor and identify the latest trends in interior decoration and lighting, Star Trading gathers information from a variety of sources. In order to offer a truly wide and unique range of decorative lighting, the development of all our products is carried out both in-house and in collaboration with the world's best designers. Star Trading produces stylish and functional lighting products suitable for rooms, apartments, houses, gardens, concerts, weddings and more. events decoration.

We strive to offer a wide range of
modified LED lamps. This includes many new uses made possible by LED light technology, namely, intelligent functions built into the lamp itself.

Here you will find lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting, for the yard, for the garden, home or party, as well as a wide range of solar lighting. Our catalogue this year has many interesting new products for all lighting product groups.

Having been in the Christmas lighting business for several years, we have learned that continuous development is necessary. That's why we are constantly striving to update and improve our range of Christmas lights and much more.


We'll help you find the right light bulb!


Nowadays, decorative LED lighting is in very popular in Latvia. Star Trading lighting is different in its variety, brightness and brilliance. Our products are suitable not only for indoor lighting, but also for interior design and creating a cosy atmosphere. With our decorative lighting, LED candles and lanterns, the ambience will become even more pleasant. Bright and colourful solar lights will illuminate your garden, creating a fabulous summer night.

Now you can not only put bright lights or neon signs around your house or trees, but also create unusual designs with LEDs, for example:

  • - Placed in shining LED trees, courtyards or parks, the products will dispel darkness and decorate the surroundings;
  • - beautiful and bright birds, fish or fairy tale characters are wonderful design elements in entertainment centres or children's parties;
  • - LED figures such as angels, Christmas trees and Santa Clauses, stars and snowflakes will help highlight your favourite festive atmosphere and add positive emotions.


Retro LED filament bulbs.

Every homeowner strives to create a special design for their home and to emphasise every element of the interior, using all original solutions. Lighting plays one of the most important roles in this area, as it will be able to ensure the comfort of the home. In order to make the design exquisite, amazing and original, you would be advised to use decorative incandescent lamps in the rooms. Such lighting elements, made in a retro style, fit perfectly into the interior and complement the design.


Edison bulbs are becoming increasingly popular and preferred by many. They can be found in:

  • - in fashion houses;
  • - restaurants, cafés, bars;
  • - at shops;
  • - in beauty salons;
  • - in massage rooms.

These Edison lamps are suitable for use in apartments and homes, as they give off a soft and pleasant light that has a relaxing effect. They are therefore ideal for home use.

Despite the fact that retro lamps have filaments, their energy efficiency is not inferior to LEDs. Thanks to the use of modern technologies in construction, it has been possible to increase their lifetime considerably.

These bulbs do not require special cartridges as standard E14 and E27 bases are used. The shape of the bulbs is retro, i.e. how Edison lamps looked. All this makes the product not only original but also practical.

Lighting elements provide warm light in the home.In addition, they do not flicker or have a pulsating light, so they do not have a negative effect on vision.


It's impossible to imagine a romantic evening without warm, twinkling light. Candles create romance. But conventional wax and paraffin products have many drawbacks, which is why electronic candles have become rapidly more popular in the 21st century. Once you learn about their advantages, there will be no more questions.

So, the positives of buying electronic candles are:

  • - Complete safety during operation;
  • - Long lifetime compared to conventional candles which burn for a few hours at most;
  • - LED candle lamps do not emit a burning smell and do not smoke;
  • - Most of these lights are waterproof, so they are safe to use in the bathroom or even outdoors in the rain;
  • - These candles have no wax or paraffin to melt, so there is no need to worry about damaging clothes, sofas and tables;

Elektroniskajām svecēm var mainīt mirgošanas krāsu, spilgtumu un mirgošanas ātrumu. Decorative LED candles have no flame. They make it easy to create a cosy and festive atmosphere. Their appearance is practically the same as real candles. The LED premium candle is a completely safe option, suitable for people with children or pets. Feel free to place it even in places where open flames are prohibited.

Led electronic candles are suitable for creating a relaxation area. They can be switched on using simple switches or remote controls. LED candles can also be placed on a shelf or on a high fireplace.

The LED candles can be placed in a stylish glass stand. They have a pleasant, warm glow and even light distribution. LED candles burn quite brightly and help to save electricity by running mainly on batteries. You can buy electronic candles to use instead of decorative lights.


A decorative candle is still a candle, even though it has no open flame. It can be used independently, without being connected to the mains. In any case, if the power is out in the house, you can use electronic candles as well as regular ones to wait for the light to come back. The electronic LED candle can be controlled with a built-in timer, remote control or even your mobile phone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Control also plays an important role. Imagine how beautiful it can be to have candles in the interior that instantly light up at the touch of a hand, illuminating a room with romantic light! They are also quite easy to control from a remote control, but there are also candles that can be switched on using a button.

It is now quite easy to buy LED candles, but unfortunately most of them are disappointing. As battery power decreases, the brightness spectrum of cheap LED candles changes, as well as often breaking chips. It is therefore better to choose higher quality LED candles that will delight you for longer.

What is important to know before buying LED candles?

The LED candle is now successfully replacing the real candle, as it is difficult to tell from a distance whether a real candle or an LED is burning. This makes all wax and paraffin candles a thing of the past.


Nowadays, decorating homes and rooms with LED lighting has become a popular way to decorate. At the same time, LED light strings are used not only for facades and house walls, but also to give a New Year look in the street, i.e. by decorating trees and bushes. This year, icicle strings became one of the most sought-after decorations, and the online shop was even forced to place additional orders and replenish its stock.

A Christmas tree with bright colours is perfect for decorating your apartment. It constantly twinkles and the children are amazed. This decoration is used not only for the Christmas tree, but also to give a festive touch to any interior element.

As soon as the first snow or frost appears outside, the city's residents go shopping, and half of them have New Year's strings on their wish lists. At the same time, businesses are trying to find the best price for this product in order to earn a certain amount of money to offer their customers even more interesting decorations for the festivities. is such an online shop. The fact is that our products are of excellent quality at a fairly low price, and that is why we are able to buy goods at retail and wholesale, which the people of the whole country are keen to use.

Many of us can no longer remember what a city looks like without LED string lights, as they have become so popular that they are used both to attract customers and to promote advertising. To avoid having to buy new products every year, and to keep the space fire-safe, many people are looking for products that are of a truly superior quality. LED string lights are significantly different from its predecessors, as their glow is much brighter and the operating temperature is much lower. Simply put, a string hanging on a Christmas tree will not heat up and endanger others.

So, lighting products have certain advantages, here are just some of them:

  • - increased light transmission;
  • - low weight;
  • - resistance to moisture and frost;
  • - Adequate pricing
  • - a wide range of products;
  • - Original certified lighting products.

Now, not only in Riga, but also in Latvia, the blue, red and yellow strings of light bulbs are very popular and can be bought in our online shop with delivery to all Latvian cities. These colours have a harmless effect on humans and are especially appealing to children.

Star Trading lighting is 100% guaranteed top quality from the best manufacturers not only in Latvia, but also throughout Europe.


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