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LED Outdoor String Lights Systems - can be interconnected

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Christmas string systems

Everyone associates Christmas and New Year with fairy tales. It is a celebration when even the most wishful wishes are expressed and fulfilled, and the best wishes are made. Christmas and New Year lights are switched on and the air smells of Christmas trees, tangerines and sweets. Children look forward to visiting good old Santa Claus. During the New Year and Christmas holidays, almost everything is transformed: residential buildings, streets, shop windows, restaurant and café halls, even government offices.

LED strings play an important role in creating the Christmas and New Year atmosphere. LED strings are decorations connected in one or more strings with LEDs of different colours.

In the early days of electric overhead tubes, fairly large replaceable filament bulbs were used, but over time these were replaced by smaller bulbs. Nowadays, energy-saving LED strings are used.

When it comes to decoration, LED strings are used to decorate not only the New Year tree, but also the festive table, walls, ceilings, staircases, as well as to illuminate windows, doors and certain room décor elements. Strings of lights are also used to illuminate building facades, streets and New Year figures. It's all down to human imagination and possibilities.

StarTrading offers four systems:

  • LED outdoor strings System 24;
  • Christmas strings System LED Premium;
  • LED light strings System Decor;
  • LED light strings System Expo.

Use your imagination and artistic flair, don't limit your thoughts and you will surely transform your home into a Winter Fairy Tale.

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