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LED laser projectors

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LED Āra lāzera projektors 6W 25x22cm Ledlight 486-31 LED Āra lāzera projektors 6W 25x22cm Ledlight 486-31
Projektors izgaismos iekštelpas, dārzu vai pagalmu ar krāsainiem punktiņveida siluetiem. Projektorā ..
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The tradition of decorating not only the inside but also the outside of the house came to us from America.

Decorations include strings, LED strips and various lanterns.

But all these things have to be placed quite high up, which is not always convenient and often problematic. So they came up with an alternative - Christmas projectors. And they are more economical in terms of electricity use. Unlike string lights and other decorative lights, their modes can be easily switched by remote control.

If you don't want to take risks or are afraid for your children's health, it makes sense to choose an LED projector, as they are much safer to use than others. The models available today have as good colour and brightness reproduction as laser projectors.  

Now you can easily buy and install a laser projector to prepare the outside of your home for Christmas and New Year. Everything around you will be transformed and filled with festive atmosphere.

LED projectors are divided into 2 groups:

  • Simple projectors with a single beam and grid. Star-shaped "star rain" models. A large number of coloured dots are projected onto a surface.
  • More complex, with interchangeable cartridges. By choosing such a projector you can create whole scenarios according to your wishes.

It is important to specify the area to be illuminated. To do this, look at the illumination angle specified in the model specifications.

The projector is needed to make the object stand out in the environment. It should decorate and illuminate the house only, creating a fairy-tale feeling.

It creates an amazing festive atmosphere. Unlike long strings that you have to try to hang all over the house, this device is easy to install. One or two projectors can be dispensed with, which saves a lot of energy. And the ability to set different flicker modes and different types of images will appeal to even the most demanding users.

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