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LED Candles

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LED candles

It's impossible to imagine a romantic evening without warm, glowing light. An LED candle will help you decorate a table or other surface, creating a romantic atmosphere in the room. Conventional wax and paraffin products have many drawbacks and that is why electronic LED candles started to rapidly gain popularity in the 21st century. 

Modern LED candles with imitation flame are a complete throwback to the origins of the candle, but at the same time they do not fade and are very easy to use. They can be used several times, enjoying the different shades of LED light.

So, the positive aspects of buying electronic candle lights are:

  • Complete safety during operation;
  • Long lifetime compared to conventional candles;
  • LED candles have no burning smell or odour and smoke;
  • Can be used in the bathroom or even outdoors;
  • Cleanliness - LED candles do not leak wax or paraffin, so there is no need to clean the surface after them. 

Decorative LED candles burn without flame. They make it easy to create a cosy and festive atmosphere. They are virtually indistinguishable in appearance from real candles. The premium candle is a completely safe option suitable for people with children or pets. Feel free to place it even in rooms where open flames are not allowed.

Led candles are suitable for creating a relaxation area. They can be controlled with simple switches or remote controls. The LED candle set can be placed on a shelf or high fireplace.

When using candles outdoors, LEDs with a moving flame function are the ideal choice. They' re not afraid of wind and rain, and the models with increased brightness will help you illuminate even a small area.

In the garden or at an out-of-town picnic, the candle-shaped lamps can be mounted on tree trunks or hung from branches. They are completely safe from catching fire as the LEDs do not emit an open flame and do not get hot.

The battery-powered led candles allow you to not worry about replacing the light source. One set is enough for tens of hours of continuous operation, which is especially convenient if you are planning an event over several days.

LED candles help save electricity by running on batteries. Even electric LED candles don't waste much electricity because the power of the diodes is very low.

Candles will help you create impressive interior decor. StarTrading candles come in a variety of designs and colours. On StarTrading you can choose the optimum size and height. Battery-operated candles bring relaxation and peace into the atmosphere. They can also be used for patio lighting or for a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom.

Looking at how to control LED candles

The decorative led candle continues to be a candle even though it does not have an open flame. It can be used stand-alone, without direct mains power, battery operated. In any case, if there is a power cut in the house, you can use electronic candles in the same way as regular candles to wait for the power to come back on. The LED candle can be controlled by a built-in timer, remote control or even a mobile phone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Air control plays an important role. Imagine how beautifully arranged a set of led candles is in an interior, instantly lighting up a room with romantic light! It's also quite easy to control using a remote control, but there are also candles that are individually switched on using a button.

It's quite easy to buy LED candles these days, but unfortunately the quality of most of them leaves a lot to be desired. As battery capacity decreases, the glow spectrum of cheap LED candles changes and chips often burn out. It is therefore better to choose higher quality LED candles manufactured by StarTrading that will delight you for many years.

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